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Register New Math Coding Class

Math coding class for middle school or high school students at Carrolloton!

Strong math skills may help to develop strong coding skills for children. However, the reverse may also be true: coding can help children develop their math skills in more compelling ways.

In our noble math coding class students can:

- Learn math concepts in more engaging and fun ways 🕶
- Visualize math theory in graphs 📈
- See math in action by playing games 🕹
- Understand how math is applied in coding ⚖️
- Creatively learn coding and math at the same time👍

* Math Coding 201 (Sat. 1 - 2 pm): Grade 6+, middle school/high school math, Scratch, Python, Jupyter
* Math Coding 301 (Sat. 2:15 - 3:15 pm): Grade 9+, high school/advanced math, Python, Processing, Jupyter

Registration is now open for the spring semester which starts on Sat. Jan. 5th and ends on Sat. May 29th.

† Coding experience may be helpful but is not required. However, if students don’t have any coding experience, we recommend them to take our Coding 101 or Coding 201 programs first.

Please contact us for further information. Thank you!